Review:  As the populations in our societies age, there will be more and more individuals in care homes who have life-threatening conditions and are deserving of palliative care.  The flow of the principles and practices of palliative care into the nursing home community is entirely logical, but it is a big task when many of the caregivers are non-professionals and few of the professional caregivers have had much in the way of education and training in palliative care.  Written by a Macmillan nurse (a nurse who has undertaken special post-graduate training in palliative care in the UK) who has spent many years in care homes. This book sets out all the basic information about palliative care in a very practical, accessible way.  It will be a useful resource for professional caregivers, but it is written in a ‘non-medical’ manner and would be easily understood by non-professional or family caregivers.


Radcliffe Publishing


2009, 167 pp

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Christine Reddall


caregivers, support care, homes, palliative care



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