The Hastings Center Cunniff-Dixon Nursing Award

This award recognizes excellence in the professional practice and leadership by a nurse in palliative care. Criteria include:

  1. Evidence based practice of palliative nursing care  

The nurse integrates evidence of best practices in palliative care to insure the highest quality of care for patients and families. The nominee applies evidence based practice through their own care and also leads efforts within their organization or community to insure the highest quality of care.  Evidence based practice includes all domains of palliative care as established by the NCP Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care.

2.  Personal ethics and integrity 

The nominee exemplifies a model of clinical practice based on the nursing professional code of ethics and acts with integrity .   The nurse provides leadership in the many ethical challenges in palliative nursing care including supporting patients and families in health care decisions, honoring values, and respecting diversity.

3.  Compassionate relationship with the family as the unit of palliative care

Recognizing that family, as defined by the patient, is central in the support of seriously ill patients and those facing the end of life, the nominee provides competent and compassionate support of the family .

4.  Empathic, human centered communication

The nurse recognizes that communication is the foundation of nursing practice and relationships with patients, families and colleagues. The nominee exhibits communication that supports patients and families and communication with colleagues to foster cohesive, patient centered care.

5.  Inter-professional team collaboration and leadership 

The nominee demonstrates excellence in interprofessional care and provides leadership to insure that care is coordinated and brings the strengths of all disciplines to support patient and family care.  These efforts strengthen quality physical, psychosocial and spiritual care.  The nominee also promotes self care for the team.

6.  Application of diversity, equity and inclusion

 The nurse demonstrates commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.  Examples may include the nurse’s own practice as well as efforts to insure that these critical elements are integrated in the organization and that care is responsive to the most vulnerable populations.