Review:  Here is a book for patients with pain and for parents with children who have pain, written by someone who has dealt with pain for more than 40 years.  Trained as a teacher of children with special needs, Renee Goossens suffered horrendous injuries in a car accident when she was 21, which left her in an English hospital for nearly two years.  Wheelchair-bound with a lively toddler to raise, she beat the odds and walked again.  Returning to Australia in the 1960s, she taught children with disabilities, was lecturer in French at the Conservatorium of Music, and French language coach for the Australian Opera.
The book deals with all aspects of pain management, from how to deal with doctors and the health system, to analgesics and the medical management of pain, to complementary and alternative therapies.  I was particularly impressed with chapters dealing with the psychological and social factors involved with pain and how to deal with them.  Throughout, one gets the feeling ‘Been there, had that.  Here’s how you can deal with it.’  The chapter on children with pain will be very useful for troubled parents.




2009, 231 pp.

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Renee Goossens

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