How to Talk to Your Children about End-of-Life Care

This period of time can be uncomfortable for all – which is why many families choose not to have the “tough conversation” about what the next steps are for a parent’s care. But, now is the time to talk to your children about end-of-life care. Learn more about how to get your children involved in this conversation.

Talking to Your Children about End-of-Life Care

There are numerous resources available to adult children who are looking to have the tough conversation with their parents about end-of-life care, but there aren’t many resources available to proactive parents who want to have that conversation with their children.

So, what should you do if you’re having difficulty speaking with your children about end-of-life care?

Tim Prosch, author of “The Other Talk: A Guide to Talking with Your Adult Children about the Rest of Your Life,” recommends focusing on the following, to get the conversation started with your family:

1. Finances

Let your children know about the costs of – and how you’re preparing to pay for – long-term senior care.

2. Health

Talk with your family about any health issues you’re having and whether or not you plan on designating your child an advocate for your health and medical care in the future.

3. Housing

Let your children know about whether or not you plan on moving out of or staying in your home, and if so, which type of senior care or housing you are most interested in at this time.

4. Planning

Talk with your family about your end-of-life plans and prepare them with the necessary healthcare and financial documents that they will need to carry out your plan.

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